Since 1924, New Star Brass and Bronze has become one of the leaders in the fabrication and installation of railings in various metals. New Star Brass and Bronze is the design leader in metal railings and can honestly say they have designed and fabricated more railings any other competitor.

A family business founded in 1924 New Star is a favorite name with the Long Island remodeling scene. The firm is well known for its old world craftsmanship and metal working skills .The firm's owner has taken the traditional work ethic of the company and has added his contemporary design ideas to his father's and grandfather's philosophy of producing exquisite stair and balcony rails as if they were works of are art.. indeed they are!

Banisters are a thing of the past... today's look in stair railings are more sophisticated, elegant and flowing. A bronze railing is no different than a bronze sculpture. It takes artistry skills and talent to form and shape a railing to look sleek and properly scaled.

When people remodel their homes, they look for exciting ways to add openness and beauty, a feeling of height and space, a transition from one room to another, one floor to the next. New Star uses a variety of materials, brass, bronze, stainless steel, color baked aluminum and lucite. We've added a new dimension of fine wood handrails to complement the brass or stainless look.

With more than 90 years of experience, we have worked with some of the world’s greatest designers and architects, giving us a wide range of ability to assist you in any project you may have. New Star always places an emphasis on safety, quality and style to help you create a secure railing that will enhance any decor.

At New Star Brass and Bronze we specialize in both the design and manufacturing of all traditional and contemporary wood and metal railings and stairs for both interiors and exteriors.

For interiors we offer brass, bronze and stainless rails in various finishes, and custom colors baked on aluminum. We utilize safety glass panels, which can be etched or frosted, to create an open look while offering the maximum protection. We've added a new dimension of fine wood hand rails to complement the brass, bronze and stainless steel look.

For exteriors we manufacture in aluminum using the latest technology in baked-on powder coated finishes, available in any color, which are rust resistant and maintenance free . For a contrasting look, brass, bronze and stainless steel are also available in mirror or stain finishes.

We make safety glass enclosed, cable and multi-line tubular rails for Stairs, Balconies, Wall Hand Rails, Decks, Patios, Pools, Gates, Entranceways. We specialize in curved glass, glass fences, glass railings.

While the following list is not complete or meant to be totally inclusive, we are happy to have had the pleasure to do business with the following esteemed clientele: Crest Hollow Country Club, The Garden City Hotel, Empire State Building, Cartier, Ralph Lauren (Polo Sport), Calvin Klein, Citibank, and Daniel Lanski (Acclaimed Israeli architect).

We are happy to provide you with the names of architects we work with regularly, or to contact your designer or engineer to work hand in hand to bring your project to a successful completion.